Saturday, November 13, 2010

Today's Acquisitions and Ride

I received my new "made to look nice" watch, new pedals and cleats, and "I'm a spoiled kid" xmas present. As far as the xmas present. I purchased it for my mom for me. She reimbursed my bank account for the cost and I am to wait until xmas to open and use it. nbd.

As for my watch. I like it. I really did think it was more fancy in the listing than it is, but I'm still happy with it and I think it will last me nicely.

As for the new pedals and cleats, I could not be happier. They feel solid, albeit heavy, and I am happy for the price I paid for them. It is the real first acquisitional step I have toward my cyclocross obsession.
 I had a good chat with Roddy before the ride about school and the scary unknown of our futures. He's a real hard worker and an accurately self-proclaimed "all or nothing" kind of guy. I give props to his hard work on the bike. Although he could work on some of those handling skills, he says cyclocross might be a bit too cold for his liking.
Riding with David was more or less the same as it has been. He continues to ride with form and strong effort. Roddy and I are both looking forward to seeing him race in he spring. I would like to know where my other IUP riders stand in their training and purchases, but I know school must take precedence. Good stuff for IUP riders and the future of IUP Cycling from my point of view.

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