Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Bust In My Book

Any exposure is good exposure. I suppose.

There's the link to the article written from my interview with a student journalist for IUP's "The Penn." I am not enthusiastic about it. Honestly, I tried to be as conversational and interesting as I could, talking about my passion with the young journalist. To me, this article makes IUP Cycling seem distant and a bit "small." My major is International Studies, not religious. Of the things I covered and talked about they were only mentioned in the slightest as if there was nothing to it. I don't think this will spark any interest in anyone. I should just write my own entry for The Penn.

I guess I should "publicize" this published article. I've been in a news paper before. It was fall 2004? I was on my high school's varsity football team and there is a photo of me jumping in the air celebrating our star running-back scoring a 70 or 80 yard touchdown run. I was front and center of the small picture and my name (among other teammates') was in the caption. It was in the Washington Post too! (If I find a link or something to the photo I'll post it here.) If you can't tell, I'm a bit more proud of this photo than that article. And... I don't even know if the article made it to print. Don't much care.

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