Monday, November 8, 2010

Shoes and Pedals for Cyclocross

I've got these shoes on my mind.
These Shimano M181 shoes. I figure they'll do the trick for a decent price. I was liking some Adidas mtb shoes, but the light meshy material would probably leave my feet terribly cold, wet, and numb. I'm particularly attracted to the two toe-spikes that will help me dig and grip when I have to dismount the bike. 

In related news, I purchased these Wellgo WPD823 pedals. I am SO pumped.

I'm on my way to becoming a cyclocross fanatic. I can't wait to race on these with those shoes up there. If I ever get good, maybe I'll look to those Mavic Razor shoes. ... Eventually...


  1. most if not all mtb shoes have room for toe spikes they are not always included though

  2. Oh good to know. I am looking at other shoes and yessir there's room indeed. Thanks!