Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Not Surprised

Okay. I went to my local shop, "TrailZ End," today to see if I could grab some toe spikes for my mtb shoes on their way. I honestly already expected them to not have what I wanted when I mentioned my idea of going there in my earlier post. I really am considering them a "DeadZ End" when it comes to my cycling needs. Slow repair service and never having what I need unless it's discounted skis or a trek bike is not my idea of a reliable shop.

These local shops cannot compete with a shop like Big Bang that I would drive over an hour to get to. The guy's excuse was... "Well most of the shoes we sell already have toe spikes," as I'm holding a pair they are trying to sell that doesn't have them.

I don't mean to bash them too hard. The guy offered me some old ones on some older shoes of his, if he could find them, claiming they don't wear out. I guess it was indeed a nice gesture, but I am a customer willing to pay for what I want. Not surprised.

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