Monday, December 20, 2010

Approval Is What I'm After

Well, I think I've finally gotten to the bottom of the needed approvals for our jerseys to be put into production. The colors are right, the design is sweet, and I am ready to get them asap.
Maroon -- Crimson... same thing, right?
I am hoping this is the last approval I will need to give and the rest will be up to VoMax.

On the training front, I am going to again ride tonight without the structure of a time limit. I guess I'll find something interesting to watch on tv. I had better since it is rare that I can ride with the aid of a tv to keep my mind off soreness and pain that will accumulate. You know how it goes.


  1. Hey John. Thanks for sharing the VOmax designs on your blog! We think they came out great!

    Please let me know (Jeremy Durrin) if you need any further assistance in your order!


  2. Hey no problem. I'm glad you guys appreciate it. I'm proud of the work and I def appreciate your guys' work and listening to my lengthy requests. Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year!