Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cyclocross Natonals

I watched the USA Cycling's coverage of the elite men's and women's U.S. Cyclocross Championship races. I have to say, it was badass to see Katie Compton stomp on the pedals and competition. Her win was nearly uncontested and definitely the most decisive of the day. Her national title is now her 7th in a row. Well done!

The elite men's race was a bit more competitive. Early out of the gate Jeremy Powers made his presence known shooting off the front and assuring everyone he was a more than serious contender for the stars and stripes. A few laps in, he is jockeying for first position with Todd Wells. I believe it must have been during that 4th lap, or at least with 4 to go, Powers goes down in a turn and it was as though his bike froze up on him. The chain must have been stuck or wedged somewhere and my heart sank.

I think it really put me in a funk to see happen. I had been looking forward to seeing him win the championship jersey, but it was not to be. Todd Wells is an incredibly strong rider and a well deserved winner for his 3rd national title. J. Powers was gracious in defeat  taking 3rd and knows that he will live to fight another day. He was genuinely happy for Wells and I can't wait to see him race more the rest of this season.

Here's a link to a more adequate race summary. CX Magazine

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