Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gimmie Gimmie

In this lovely season of giving I would only ask that people leave comments and generate discussion. I know my stuff isn't too interesting, but I'd like to see what people think. Questions and discussion are all good here.

Anyway, I figured one cannot have enough water bottles so I just purchased two more from Ritchey. The price is right and my current water bottles have been giving me attitude. I got the 28oz because I personally don't see much reason why an amateur like me would want a smaller one. Well, okay I do sweat a lot, but alright I can't see why I would want anything smaller. Don't tell me for weight...
I like me some hydration. I've been a fan of Ritchey for a long time and I was surprised at how affordable these are. This purchase goes a long with other types of component/product purchases for me. Simply trying to save money and go for the cheapest will often leave me with really poor quality stuff. Either it breaks, proves difficult to manage when riding/racing, or just lets me down too often. I trust a company like Ritchey to make a quality product. Keep in mind, I'm not just going to throw away the water bottles I do have. I've been to races having forgotten to fill up the bottles on my bike before leaving my place/ the hotel.. happens. I am happy to have extras for the road. 

Lemmie know what you think...


  1. Should be a good bet to go with Ritchey. If you get a respectable branded bottle, a bottle is a bottle. Not much to worry about.

    If you get yourself out for one of your "epic rides," its good to have that extra volume.

  2. Oh yeah. The extra volume is a must. I've gotten a few cheap ones... they leak everywhere and don't fit well in the cages. Thanks for the comment!