Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nothing Scientific

Seems as though the real cold and snowfall has hit early this year, but I'm probably wrong. In Indiana, here it's gone December - cold, windy, and snowy. I mean, I know I don't exactly have much reason to be outside, but it is always a bit of a pinch when (even if I had a bike to ride) I can't go out and ride.

My training program is in full swing and I've got to do a bit of catch-up. Yeah, I got lazy for a bit there, but I think I can handle the amount of training hours required of me. Not a big deal. I rowed for 3 hours yesterday and I didn't bonk! My secret was eating a bowl of oatmeal right before I left for the gym. I don't think there was anything scientific to it, but I just wanted to have something in my stomach when I was going to be in some pain after 2 hours.

I'm going to have to train on the rowing machine for a while I think. Until I can get back my bike, I'll be at the gym. And smarty-pants me forgot my trainer at home in Virginia, so I'll have to wait to ride on a trainer until I go home for winter break. Sometimes I don't know what is going on in my head... distracted and a little stressed I guess.

Anyway, I've got a computer about to die and a lot to get dome today.

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