Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Picking Up (Addict R2) "D2"

Called Glenn at Big Bang Bicycles yesterday to discuss the "Behind the Scenes" work he and my insurance company had done to hash out a proper quote and replacement for my bike. He told me they really gave him a tough time figuring out what I did and did not need. I feel bad he had to go through that for my sake and I really appreciate his hard work and effort for me. I do know he appreciates business and my obvious loyalty to him and his shop. I'm glad he gets to sell another bike and keep me riding. 

In any case, I'm heading to his shop today after classes through the snow and all to snag me that bike. That bike is gonna be a 2011 Scott Addict R2 frameset with Ritchey WCS seatpost and stem (at least),  and Sram Rival with some original and newly replaced parts to that. I'm not totally sure what wheels I will be receiving, but I do believe Glenn said they will be more elite wheels. I'm excited!

I'm very appreciative of Glenn and his shop altogether for helping me out. They have returned a second year to help IUP Cycling and we are grateful. I'll be posting again soon with pics and details of my new bike. "D2" will be a fun bike. He'll last longer than the R3... I promise!

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