Friday, December 24, 2010

Thinking of A New Year

I suppose writing more on my blog has been sustained before making it or having to make it a "new year's resolution. That, I'm happy with. I think my new year's resolution might have to be watching what I eat. I know I ride a lot and say I can eat whatever I want, but I want the discipline I have on the bike to scoot over to what I eat too. I know I have to pull resources together to be as successful as I want to be. I have a lot of great support around me and I know people who know me, can see my passion. This time of year can be stressful and I just don't want to fall back on my commitment to cycling.

Anyway, I think my steps to a diet plan will have to be achieved through steps. I can't see myself just jumping on something without clearing the obstacles. Obstacle one: I am stubborn. I know I have to be ready and willing to do something like this. I know I can be determined, but diligent and disciplined are two other things. Obstacle two: I am not perfect. I will mess up and make the wrong choices, but I also know that once I have made it a part of my life, it will be easier to stay with and hop back on. Getting it to become part of my life is the tricky bit.

That means making a habit of the right choices in food and diet. I think I can do this by:

  1. Finding out my eating habits. - I have to see what I eat, how much of it I eat, how often I eat, and even why I eat.
  2. Figuring out what diet or plan might be best for me. - I do not think I will be making a huge change in lifestyle, but I want to research what kind of diet will be best for me, personally.
  3. Exercise portion control. - Americans overeat. I overeat. It is a part of our culture and lifestyle and we don't even know it. I must sever myself from that and really focus on what my body needs.
  4. Food is not the enemy. - Nothing one eats has to be bad, just the amount and frequency. Food is a very enjoyable part of life. I plan on enjoying every bit of it and finding new things to try.
These are a few of the things I'm keeping in mind on my quest. I do not think this will b a hard thing. I am going to enjoy knowing that I am looking to improve myself and what I enjoy eating. A cyclist needs a lot of calories. That is one fact I have going for me, but I cannot be careless. 

I am going to start logging what I eat and how much. I hear doing this will reveal a lot about someone and their eating habits. It will help me know where to focus my plan and diet. I have already begun researching a few diet options. Rather than just stopping at portion control, I have found a diet that I think I like. The Pescetarian diet. For me, this will be only out of health concerns and I hope everyone recognizes that. I don't need to justify myself to anyone. I just want to be clear. I know with this diet I will have everything that I already enjoy eating and I will be able to keep in mind what to limit myself on.
Maybe this is sending the wrong message, but I like sushi.
I enjoy food and I would like to keep this up through the new year. I am exploring options and ideas for meals. I will enjoy this endeavor!

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