Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mental Break. Designing for IUP Cycling

I've been studying for finals this week and tomorrow is the penultimate day of this semester's work. I have three finals beginning at 8am, two of which are all essay. Thursday's final is the last and again calling for my attendance at 8am. I have still more studying to do for these, but I thought I would update a little about IUP Cycling's developments that I've been working on.

IUP Cycling has had the same jersey design for the past two years. I have liked the jersey design and adding bib-shorts to those last year was a nice perk. However, I was a little dissatisfied with the end result and have taken the steps to make sure the designs are up to how I feel they should be - a professional level. VoMax has been really accepting of my constant feedback and design requests. I know they're real busy and I appreciate them allowing me to make my voice heard.

A check will be sent to VoMax from IUP's account for the full amount. I am thinking Thursday will be the final day of designing and I will show what we've been working on then. I've gotta keep you waiting. Now back to studying.

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