Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few Pictures... I need Practice

So these were taken yesterday with my new camera... you know the one. I was on my trainer and playing wii. Pretty cool. And before you say anything I was still pedaling! Average heart rate for the work out was 132 bpm. Anyway, here are this pictures! I know I need more practice...
This is about how things look every trainer ride.
Except yesterday was made hot by that wood-burning stove.
Wii time!
Two hours on schedule for today. More E2 means more Wii. If you'll notice above, I have a hand towel wrapped around my top tube and stem. Carbon fiber doesn't like salty sweat. Also notice the Macbook. If not playing wii, I'm either talking to my girlfriend on there or watching some race that I've downloaded.

Lately, I've been really interested in the Japan cup. I think that would be a really fun race to participate in. It makes me really want to go to Japan. I'll bet I could find some pretty amazing riding over there. 

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