Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

I just ordered this bad boy for my Fizik saddle and safety. The clip system will come in handy and will prove to facilitate the habit of bringing a saddle bag with me on rides rather than risking going out there with nothing. Ones I have owned before are a hassle to put on and take off. This one will be a breeze. That's really why I can say I didn't have one before. Taking it on and off, having it slosh and shake around, trying to tie it tight and stay that way, being able to go through it when I need to.... All of this proved difficult with a cumbersome saddle bag. No more, I say!
I got a gift card for Amazon and I made a "Wish List" of things I would like to get or could use. It soon became apparent that there was a void in my riding that I hadn't paid much attention to before. I have ridden the past year and a half without a saddle bag. I never needed one. I guess I figured... oh that stuff will never happen to me. Now I'm thinking, okay it hasn't, but what if it had? I've been kinda lucky. At any point I could catch a flat and be S.O.L. 20-30 miles out. It would be  a shame to not be able to take care of myself. I've had my event of being stranded and needing a ride.

With this, I will have a few necessities that I have been neglecting to have and a few in a better spot. I suppose I'll list them to help you all keep track...

  1. Extra tube. Never carried one before. Again I've been lucky and never sustained a flat in a tough spot or where I needed significant help from other riders. I go for tough tires these days. Trust me, I have had my fare share of flats. Oh, they've pissed me off so I got really tough tires. Bad memories.
  2. Co2 cartridge and tire inflator. I never thought I would want this type of system, but I would rather have it than carrying a "big" pump. Oh, they're not big at all. Right, but that's just it. How am I to get to 100-120 psi with a little wussy air-pusher (or wussy arms? shh...). Anyway, I feel like this system will be a huge advantage out there for whenever it might will happen. By the way, I still need to go out and get the Co2 and inflator. They were features on my "Wish List," but I would think I can get one that I know I will like at a shop for a better price than including shipping on these.
  3. Tire levers. Yeah just keeping that in mind.
  4. Cash. Couldn't hurt.
  5. I might transfer ID and keys in there just so I won't have to have that mess in my rear pocket. Maybe even my phone? I don't yet know if these are waterproof. I guess I'll categorize the rest as game time decisions. 
I won't be putting any patches or glue in there, that's what the new tube is for. Hopefully I'll remember to recheck the tire for any shards of glass that might be stuck in there before inflating the new tube under it. I'll either have another tube or Co2 canister in there for back up. Probably another canister if I mess up on my first time using the inflation system. A second tube with no way to fill 'er up would be no of use, you see?
I've enjoyed being with my family a lot this holiday season. It is nice to be recovering from a tough, but productive semester. With one more to go, I have a lot that I'm excited for this Christmas. Ladies and Gentlemen, I really hope you've enjoyed reading this post and I hope you all are enjoying Christmas and the holiday season with friends and family! To you, I wish a happy holidays and a Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading, now go hang with the fam!

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