Friday, December 17, 2010

Look Out

I'm proud to announce that IUP Cycling has a new look for the 2011 season! The overall format of our kits remains the same. However, with a few color changes and design tweaks, IUP has a new appearance for the coming year. I have worked closely via email with VoMax Techwear to develop the new look. Here, at least is what we had the last few seasons as far as our jersey goes (I don't have a pic of our bibs like these, but you should know).
I do like these old jerseys. The new designs went through a few phases of options as far as the jersey zipper and hawk design on the shorts.
A few things off, but in the right  direction.
Finally, I was able to adequately communicate what I was thinking to VoMax' art department guy, David and he was able to get back to me with this... (look closely and you'll see the differences)
I am happy with this design. Yes, I see that the "bottom" wing of the hawk is cut a little at the bottom there, but I think it balances it out for the "top" wing's tip to be clipped. Anyway, I am excited for these and I think the team will enjoy the color change and more unified color schemed look. I would like to thank Zach, Mimi, and David for their continued support and hard work for our team and the many others they service. We are happy to do business with them.

They are going to send me some color swatches or something to make sure the colors are all good to go and match our kits from last year and I guess also match what I want. I think we'll be receiving the full kit order mid February. I wish it was sooner, but waiting will make them sweeter. Thanks for reading. Lemmie know what you think, please.

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