Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Which for Winter - Spring Races?

I thought I had already taken care of this problem last winter, but I've seemed to have lost my winter gloves. I'm pretty annoyed at that fact. I'm going to do one or two more good searches around, but they haven't turned up and if they don't still, I'll be needing to get new ones.

With that in mind, I have been looking online for the right pair of gloves that will be windproof, waterproof, and breathable. May or may not seem like a tall order, but the gloves also have to be manageable during races. My race season starts in the cold with the ECCC and ABRA race opportunities and I hope to capitalize on having useable race gloves for this and many seasons to come. It's no secret that I am not yet an elite racer. Thus, my races are earlier in the morning and that's certainly the coldest. 

I have three or four gloves in mind. I have been reading up on them and I would love some help deciding, though I know I probably won't get it here.

These first ones look cool and are breathable, but I hear they don't offer too much warmth so I probably won't get them,

Campagnolo Raytech Thermo Txn Winter Cycling Gloves

These next ones say waterproof and windproof so they might take it. Good price too.

Descente Shelter Winter Gloves

The next pair are apparently super warm for sub(sotto) zero temperatures. I am tempted to just get these and say no big deal to the possibility of sweaty hands, but they might really be overkill. I see that they have a reputation for being a bit bulky when riding, but it is a possibility.

Giordana Sottozero Glove

The next Giordana pair are probably the most intriguing for me. Three-season gloves with a wind proof back seems like a definite option. I could wear a liner under for extra warmth and have these for any weather condition. Then again, it is only windproof on the back and no waterproofing. This is tough.

Giordana Tri-Season Glove

Maybe Giordana isn't the way to go, but what is? I am thinking Maybe I will take these liners and toss them under those Descente gloves up there.

Gore Bike Wear Underglove III Winter Cycling Gloves

Having the big outer glove and the option of taking it off mid-race was something that I enjoyed last year. Near the end of my race I would take off the outer, more bulky glove so I could have great grip when I would need it most during the sprint. The big gloves would have done their duty and it payed off nicely. I feel like that is the way I'm leaning. I'm not sure if these will be thee ones I get, but probably. We'll see. There are a lot of options and I really need to make the best one. Thanks for the help.

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