Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trainer Ride and a Big Idea

I must say I'v never been more excited about a trainer ride. Over 3 and a half hours and I felt great. My cycling shoes never felt so comfy to strap on and my R2 is like a dream... even on a trainer. I didn't have any time in mind, just watching football on tv and having my phone by my side was enough to keep me going. Not that I needed much motivation or anything... I just wanted to ride.

My legs are hungry. I feel like I've neglected hem the past 2 weeks and today they soaked it up and couldn't have been happier. I am excited for the upcoming season. I can't say how I feel my fitness will be going in compared to last year's but I do hope to demand more out of my legs this time around. Wonder when my burnout will come?
It's MINE!
One thing I hope doesn't burn out is the million dollar idea I came up with on this ride. I mean, I haven't heard of anything like it before and I think it could have some real application. No no... I'm not about to just tell everyone my idea. I am going to do some serious research and put some effort into this. Of course it could fail, but I would kick myself if i didn't try.

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  1. You have a million dollar idea, eh? Next up, a dream job...