Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This, That, and Another

This evening's post will have to do with my random thoughts accumulated on a trainer ride, possibly where they come from and developments in IUP Cycling. I suppose those are all the reasons for which you or anyone else might be reading this blog... which I very much appreciate. Nonetheless, I'm not sure what to talk about first. I must admit, when thinking about my blog posting and these three points I intend to discuss while on my trainer I did think about how I would get to this point, (of indecision about which to write about first) write about getting to this point, and still not knowing which to address first. Over-thinking much? Don't judge. Just enjoy the ride, toots.

For my education's sake, I guess I will talk about the issues in the order by which I presented them in the sentence up there wherein I listed them in the first place. (What a load of crap I know.)

Random thought accumulated on my ride. Right.  Okay. If only I could remember them. Gimmie a second... Okay. Yeah, I got it.  I was thinking how pumped I am for the upcoming season.

I want to win. I want to destroy people. I want to use what I've learned and carry my passion for this sport in a big way. I'm pumped to race with teammates. I want to lead them to wins and I want a few of my own. I cannot be satisfied with how I did last year. I want to improve. I know where I could do better and I know how I won and lost. I want to make huge strides and be a marked man at the races I go to. I want people to know my name and talk about my racing. So pumped.

Alright that was fun. Look for it next season. Now I think I'll use this to move my mind to IUP Cycling since what I have to say about where my thoughts on recent trainer rides come from actually have nothing to do with the thoughts I've just expressed. I have recently put out on my facebook that I am looking to mentor the next IUP Cycling club president. David Watkins, a freshman honors college, geology major (?) has stepped up on deck an wants to take the reigns for next year and beyond. He's got my vote. The kid has shown huge interest in the sport of cycling, leadership initiative for even asking about the opportunity, and he hasn't even raced yet. I also know he's gonna be good. With fours years of track and cross country under his belt in high school, I think he is ready for a big cycling career.

So now he's gonna shadow me at places I need to go to around the school for the club and I'll be copying emails to him to teach him the ropes. Anyway, To keep me sane on some trainer rides, I have been listening to audio web episodes of Radiolab. I love this stuff. It really makes the time fly and gets my mind thinking. I like their scientific approach and the depth to which they will explore any given subject and some theories surrounding it. I hope you can take a listen sometime. You won't be disappointed. Also, if you're feeling risky, give this song a listen. it was on repeat after I listened to a Radiolab episode to finish my workout today.

Long, crazy post. I know. Thanks for reading. Shoot me thoughts, please!

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