Sunday, December 19, 2010

Back To It All

I'm back in Virginia for the holidays and this break I've got a working, usable, beautiful bike to ride. Alright, it'll be on the trainer, but I'm gonna love it. Base 2 - week 1 is on the menu for this week. This will not only help my physical fitness *blah blah,* but I think mentally as well. 

I need to just take a bit of time to collect my battered mind from school and sit on that bike. I am excited for Christmas. My sister's birthday was today and I know she really enjoyed it!

I was also able to tune and and out to a Ricky Gervais  HBO standup special. Quality stuff Mr. Gervais!
Yeah, that's him!
Tomorrow I am to figure out my week's training schedule and I'll probably hop on the bike for an hour or two of easy, easy spinning. I've been a slob the past two weeks because of school. That's gonna change, sir.

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