Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Drive and Found

I was pretty excited to have found my long lost favorite pairs of gloves. I guess you can just ignore my last post about getting new gloves. Turns out, I really like the idea of having that outer windproof-waterproof glove with a liner.
Yeah they look messy, (I was in a rush to pack) but I'm excited to have them back. They were stowed in my trunk in a little inconspicuous bag that I didn't think had anything of value inside. I'm glad I looked. I might be inclined to get those Gore Bike Wear liners.

The Giordana ones I have are a little thin and one has a hole in it. I may or may not go for the Gore's. I will probably look for a some more economical liners. The Descente outers will be great as I know I have had success with them early last season. It's a good feeling to not have to worry about that anymore.
I drove back to Indiana, Pa today to be able to go to Pittsburgh to take my GMAT exam scheduled for tomorrow morning at 8am. I will be accompanied by my girlfriend and we will be making a day of Pittsburgh after that! I hope I do well and in order to do that; study time.

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